The both surfaces smooth copper foil boasting the high reliability, which has been adopted for BEV/HEV in many companies also adopted for consumer use including portable devices and power tools.


  • Based on the fine crystal structure, it shows the excellent workability and withstands repeated expansion and contraction in charging and discharging, and achieves the long life of batteries.
  • Based on the excellent heat resistance, the wrinkle occurrence in the active material coating process is suppressed and it is helpful for the improvement of the productivity.
  • Thickness is uniform in both the width direction and the length direction and the thinner and the longer foil is available.
  • Mass production to the thinnest 5μm is available, and it contributes to increase a battery capacity.

Typical application

  • For the lithium ion secondary batteries


Foil thickness [µm] 5 (Manufactured in Taiwan) 6 8 10 20
Mass thickness [g/m2] 45 54 71 89 178
Tensile strength in the room temperature [MPa] 360 320
Elongation in the room temperature [%] 3 7 10 12 20