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Introducing visitors to how the Furukawa Electric of today contributes to creation of livable societies, in a wide variety of fields.

Three new next-generation ventures

This area focuses on the three new next-generation ventures that Furukawa Electric is currently focused on —building high-capacity telecommunication infrastructures, creating smart electric power infrastructures, and creating “Green” cars.

Furukawa Electric’s six business fields

Furukawa Electric pursues the realization of convenient, livable and safe societies across six business fields—telecommunication, energy, automobiles, electronics parts, construction, and new business and developed products.


For the creation of new innovation, through COMPREHENSION, COOPERATION and COLLABORATION with our guests.

Exhibition area

This area introduces Furukawa Electric’s core technologies (metal, laser optic/photonic, high-frequency electronic and polymer technologies) as well budding technologies we focus on as future core technologies (superconducting technology, nanotechnology and energy-related technologies), through information panels and sample exhibits.

Communication area

A space conducive to free, flexible imagination and new innovation, equipped with a variety of clever strategies to promote natural communication, such as a whiteboard and magnetized wall for quick brainstorming, and a ‘Matching Idea Wall’ to post and match ideas using clips and paper.

Exhibited technologies

  • Metals
  • Polymers
  • Laser optics/photonics
  • High-frequency electronics
  • Energy-related
  • Superconduction Technology
  • Nanotechnology

A new space for open innovation

Floor Guide