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FTTx Solutions

Multi Dwelling Unit (Office) Application

Multi Dwelling Unit (Office) Application V-Linx Spool and Play Solution Direct Cabling Solution Optical connector EZ-Bend cable Optical connector rosette (J428) Low friction indoor cable

V-Linx Spool and Play Solution

V-Linx Spool & Play Solution provides fast and easy plug and play installation.
Easy plug and play solution provides starting the service quickly and service recovery immediately.

Direct Cabling Solution

Direct cabling solution provides flexibility for making network construction upon customer needs in MDU.
Splitter can be placed at any point (Termination box in MDU) and fiber splice and connector connection are available at any place.

V-Linx Spool and Play Solution Terminal Combiner Fiber distribution hub 1×32 PLC splitter
Direct Cabling Solution Splitter (PS202) Termination box (J420) Accumax Termination box (J422)

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