This measuring instrument is used to identify fiber cores at the branch points and termination stands of closures without cutting the optical fibers.


  • Applicable to bending strength fibers
    It can also identify ITU-T G.657 A2 optical fibers (R7.5).
  • Improves detection sensitivity of contrast (test) lighting
    It can detect contrast lighting even with a background light that is 10 times stronger than conventional scenarios (only in TONE mode).
  • Improves workability via a light-receiving sensitivity adjustment function
    It can suppress the impact of disturbance light.
  • Includes a newly added function for displaying optical fiber communication light intensity
    It can display estimated values for the optical fiber communication light intensity
    It can check identified communication lines.
  • Includes a newly added zero set button
    It can easily perform zero-point adjustment.
  • No head replacement required
    It can correspond up to jacket diameter 0.25 mm single-core 3 mm cords.
    It supports use of a common head for fibers including those susceptible to bending.
  • Wide dynamic range
    It can detect up to -55 dB via its high-sensitivity design.
    It can also correspond to stronger communication light (approx. +20 dBm)
  • Utilizes an LCD display
    It displays the measurement results of detection light levels and identifying light frequency.
    Continuously displays device information such as the identification mode and remaining battery life.

Optical Fiber Identifier ID-H/R v3