The S712 optical fiber holders can be used with NJ001, S123, S153, S179A and S178LDF fusion splicers.


Refer to the below correspondence table for the detailed information.

Model Quantity Applicable fiber Applicable fusion splicer
S712S-160 1 pair For φ0.16 mm coating fiber S153A、S179A
S178LDF Fusion Splicer
S712S-250 1 pair For φ0.25 mm coating fiber S153A、S179A
S123M Fusion Splicer Series
NJ001 Fusion Splicer Series
S712S-500 1 pair For φ0.50 mm coating fiber
S712S-900 1 pair For φ0.90 mm coating fiber
S712A-002 1 pair For 2-fiber Ribbon S123M Fusion Splicer Series
NJ001M4 Fusion Splicer
S712A-04e 1 pair For 4-fiber Ribbon
S712A-08e 1 pair For 8-fiber Ribbon
S712A-012W 1 pair For 12-fiber Ribbon
S712R-500 1 pair For 12-fiber Ribbon
S712S-1SM-D 1 pair For indoor cable
For drop cable
S712S-1SM-ST 1 pair thin Low-friction indoor cable
S712A-2SM-D 1 pair For 2-fier ribbon indoor cable
For 2-fiber ribbon drop cable