Smallest cable diameter & Highest core density cable in the world
  • Smallest cable diameter, Highest core density
  • Up to 6912 fiber count
  • Central core structure

Rollable Ribbon technology

Imagine a technology leap that doubles a cable’s fiber optic density while reducing the size of that same cable. Furukawa Electric Rollable Ribbon high density optical fiber cable are delivering that advance today. Furukawa Electric Rollable Ribbon Cables have the smallest diameter and highest core density *. At the same time, these cables allow installers to double the density of vital pathways versus standard cable designs. This makes Rollable Ribbon fiber cables an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use, connecting data centers, or serving as the distribution for dense FTTx and mobility networks.

We create these Rollable Ribbons by partially bonding single 200 µm fibers or 250 µm fibers to each other to form a flexible cable. This design allows for a highly efficient ribbon splicing and easy single or multiple fiber breakout. These completely gel-free cable designs also help to reduce the time required for splicing preparation.

Above all, doubling the density of your fiber means doubling your transmission capacity, doubling your capability, and doubling your ability to get the job done.

Central core structure
Flexible fiber unit structure
Size reduction
Mass Fusion Splice
Easy to split to single fibers


Product Lineup

Application OSP (Outside plant)  OSP (Outside plant)
Blown installable
UL rated
CPR rated
Fiber count 1728 3456 6912 1728 3456 6912 1728 3456 6912 1728 3456 6912
Optical fiber ITU-T G.652.D and ITU-T G.657.A1
Outer diameter
19.5 23.5 29 20.5 25 31.5 19.5 24 31 18.5 25 33.5
290 400 640 310 460 710 380 540 920 330 580 1040
Flame retardant UL1666 UL1666 UL1666 B2ca-s1b,
d0, a1
d0, a1

The above cables use 200 μm fiber Rollable Ribbons.
Other fiber count Rollable Ribbon cables are also available.

* As of December 2023, Furukawa Electric 3456F & 6912F OSP cables have the smallest cable diameter and highest core density among cables using 200 μm fiber in the 3456F & 6912F series.

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