Heat Resistant Wire & Cable

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Heat Resistant Wire & Cable

Product description

  • High abrasion resistant electric wire
    We offer highly abrasion resistant electric wire with excellent abrasion resistance realized by Furukawa Electric’s unique new cross-linked technology.
    It demonstrates excellent durability in harsh environments such as environments where a lot of heat and vibrations are generated, and wiring paths with edges.
    This is JASO standard AESSX electric wire with excellent heat resistance and cold resistance.
    Various applications can be expected, including cost reductions from the conversion to tubeless harnesses.
  • Flex resistant electric wire
    This is a flex resistant electric wire with excellent flexibility born from the concept of low distortion wire design.
    It demonstrates a longer life and higher reliability than conventional products in use in repeatedly moving or vibrating parts.
    This is a product with a strong track record as automotive electric wire.
  • High voltage electric wire (ultra-flexible type)
    This is an ultra-flexible type high-voltage electric wire that is easy to handle and was realized by Furukawa Electric’s material technology.
    It is extremely flexible and can be used on complex wiring paths such as in electric vehicles (EVs).
    This is JASO standard electric wire such as EEX, TEEX, EEHX and TEEHX with excellent heat resistance and cold resistance.

Electronic appliance wire and products

These are heat resistant, cross-linked insulation coated electrical wires used in electronic and electrical equipment.
The BEAMEX® electric wire developed using Furukawa Electric’s advanced material technology has excellent heat resistance and low-temperature characteristics as well as excellent flame resistance and mechanical properties, and has been adopted in many fields, including electronic devices and automobiles.
This wire is suitable for various wiring situations such as BEAMEX-ER470-R with 125°C heat resistance, the BEAMEX-ER500 series with 150°C heat resistance, small diameter BEAMEX-SS (Super Slim) electric wire, and highly abrasion resistant BEAMEX-PLUS.
For environmental protection, we offer a range of halogen-free electric wires, including ECOACEPLUS and ECOSOFLEX, which has excellent flexibility.

<Typical products>

UL standard / CSA standard electric wire

This is insulation coated electric wire that conforms to the UL standard / CSA standard.
Furukawa Electric’s high-performance standard electric wires are not only heat-resistant and low-temperature resistant, but also have excellent flame resistance, demonstrating resistance that can withstand even the most rigorous VW-1 combustion test under the UL standard.
In addition, we offer a range of halogen-free electric wires that do not use PVC, plasticizers, antimony, etc., such as ECOACEPLUS and ECOSOFLEX, which have excellent environmental characteristics.

<Typical products>
UL AWM style 10368, 3302, 3384, 3385, 3386, 10369, 3619, 3265, 3266, 3271, 3398, 3289, 1685, 3443, 1430, 1431, etc.

Shielded Wire

We offer halogen-free shielded wires and a range of shielded wires that have been given improved solder heat resistance through cross-linking with insulation materials.
You can choose between cross-linked PVC or cross-linked polyethylene for the insulation and sheath, and between braided, horizontal winding or aluminum tape for the shielding.

<Typical products>
UL AWM 3713 horizontally wound shield wire, XEWV, XEBV

Cable for equipment

We also offer halogen-free cables and a selection of cables that comply with UL standards.

<Typical products>
UL AWM 21101, 20850, 2789 cables

Heat Resistant Wire & Cable for Automobile

We offer JASO-compliant wires with heat resistance of 100 to 140°C.
We also offer a range of low voltage electric wires such as AEX and AESSX, and high voltage electric wires (orange cable) such as EEX and EEHX.
In addition, we also manufacture, under individual specifications, automobile cables capable of resisting temperatures of 120°C or higher.
Furukawa Electric proprietary material technologies enable us to propose products with superior cost, quality and delivery.

<Typical products>
AVX, AVSSX, AEX, AESSX EEX, EEHX, heat resistant cable

Cable for Robot

These are cables for robot control devices. Our range includes low-cost solutions for fixed wiring, and bend-resistant cables made with ultra-flexible conductors.

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