Wiring Materials


Electronic Appliance Wire (BEAMEX WIRE etc.)
With excellent resistance to heat, cold and varnish thanks to Furukawa’s proprietary materials technologies, BEAMEX wires are used in all manner of fields, including electronic devices and motors. In addition to our highly flexible SOFLEX and ECOSOFLEX wires, we also offer halogen-free wires that contain no PVC, plasticizers, antimony, or other hazardous substances. These products are compliant with UL and CSA standards and the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.
Automobile Wire (JASO specifications Wire etc.)
Our range includes AVX, AVSSX, AEX, and AESSX wires that are compliant with JASO standards. Our AESSX wires are halogen-free and contain no halogen-based flame retardants, plasticizers, antimony, or other hazardous substances.
We also manufacture, under individual specifications, automobile cables capable of resisting temperatures of at least 120°C.



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