Update on VDE certification of TEX-E and TEX-ELZ

June 10, 2016

Acquisition of IEC61558

TEX-E and TEX-ELZ have acquired VDE certification about IEC 61558-1 (Safety of power transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products) and IEC61558-2-16 (Particular requirements and tests for switch mode power supply units and transformers for switch mode power supply units).

Update on IEC60601

The certificated condition of IEC 60601-1 (Medical electrical equipment) of TEX-E and TEX-ELZ by VDE have been updated.

Addition of IEC623368-1

TEX-E and TEX-ELZ got an additional certification of IEC 62368-1 (Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment) from VDE. IEC60065 and IEC60950-1 is supposed to be unified to IEC62368.

According to these updates, the specification document of TEX-E and TEX-ELZ is partly adjusted. The latest version is T-0740H(TEX-E) and T-0399B(TEX-ELZ). Please contact us if you need to update the document.