Product Line Classified by Market

Electronic Product Materials

Lead-wire Materials for Electronic Products

Silver plated copper wire, Nickel plated copper wire

Copper alloy wires for electric conduction
(C10200, C14410, C18150, C18200, C19400, C64790)

IC Related Materials

Leadframe materials (C14410, C18045, C50710, C70250)

Relay- Connector- Switch- Materials

Phosphor bronze strip
(C50100, C50500, C51000, C51100, C51900, C52100, C52400, C50710)

Copper alloy strips (C14410, C50710, C64770, C64775, C64790)

Precious metal plated strip (PDF 1,626KB)

Low Temperature Superconductors

NbTi wires and cables (PDF 3,257KB)

Nb3Sn wires and cables (PDF 3,257KB)

Electron Tube and Magnetron Tube Materials

Oxygen free copper (C10200, C10100)

Sensor Materials

Alloy wires, sheet and strip for resistors

Thermocouple, compensating wire

Functional Product Materials

Shape memory alloy

Super elastic NT alloy
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