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Furukawa Review No.21

An Optical Combiner Module for DWDM Systems

Hiroshi Matsuura , Yasuhiro Watanabe , Masayoshi Kagawa , Hajime Kazami , Kazumi Ida , Nobuaki Sato


An optical combiner module with two input ports has been developed which is aimed at applications in Raman amplifiers, high-power optical amplifiers for DWDM (dense-wavelength-division multiplexing) systems, and ADM (add-drop module). An averaged insertion loss of 0.2 dB has been achieved by optimizing the coupling system for the filtering element and fiber as well as by preparing a common optical platform for the module, thereby eliminating the excess loss of the filter. Moreover, the module permits easy integration of an optical isolator, so that responding to ever-diversifying system requirements will be made possible.

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