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Furukawa Review No.21

Development of Optical Fiber-Power Composite Cables

Masanori Hattori , Yuichi Sekii , Takeshi Maki , Toyomitsu Asakura , Masashi Akita , Yuji Minamitani , Masahiro Sugimoto


Two types of optical fiber-power composite cables have been developed as under floor wiring cable, which is indispensable for realizing FTTD (Fiber To The Desk). VVR (round) and VVF (flat) types of ordinary 600-V polyvinyl insulated and sheathed cable have been adopted in the development. With VVR, an optical fiber unit is sheathed together with power lines; and with VVF, the cable structure is such that a hollow pipe is sheathed with power lines, into which an optical fiber unit is to be air-blown after cable installation, thereby comprising an optical fiber-power composite cable. The developed cables are expected to improve cable congestion under the floor, facilitating the construction of transmission lines for FTTD.

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