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Furukawa Review No.21

Development of Optical Fiber-Composite PVC Insulated Drop Wire

Fuminori Nakajima , Soichiro Otosu , Yoshiyuki Kamata , Takashi Kijima , Jun'ichi Kawashima


In order to promote broad use of optical communications in common homes, installation of optical fiber cables to subscribers' premises should be much lower in cost, necessitating further studies on the wiring materials including optical fiber as well as on the installation method. Thus, it was considered that combining optical fiber with DV wire (PVC insulated drop wire) widely used for electric power distribution to private premises would be advantageous since the DV wire could serve as a tension member for optical fibers, thereby cutting the number of cable pieces to be installed. In an effort to develop an optical fiber drop cable, the authors investigated the structure of optical fiber unit suitable for combining with the DV wire, and subsequently evaluated their characteristics when they were integrated with the DV wire. As a result, optical fiber-composite PVC insulated drop wires with satisfactory performance have been developed. It is hoped that these cables promote the installation of optical fiber cables to subscribers' premises.

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