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Furukawa Review No.21

Development of Series S176 Direct Core Monitoring Fusion Splicers

Kazunori Yamamoto , Akio Tanabe , Sunao Yokomizo , Jun'ichi Kazama , Shin'ji Harada , Hideki Watanabe , Turemi Hino


The splicers used in the installation of optical fibers for telecommunications systems, have, with the increasing use of WDM technology, been commonly used as manufacturing equipment in factories producing fiber-optic components. And as component factories shift to China and other Asian countries, prices have collapsed in the face of competition with new models introduced by other firms. Against this background, we have improved our price competitiveness and at the same time targeted the development of products that cover the full range of applications, from outdoor construction jobs to indoor fiber-optic component manufacture. The result has been the series S176 of direct core-monitoring fusion splicers. In terms of structure, we have made an appropriate distinction in the use of plastic and metal parts, and have succeeded in controlling costs while achieving high reliability. In terms of performance, series S176 has higher fusion splicing speeds, while being able to accommodate special types of fiber. Particular attention has also been given to the ease of operation of the equipment.

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