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Furukawa Review No.21

Development of Low Wind-Pressure Insulated Wires

Toshio Matsumura , Toshiki Yura , Naoshi Kikuchi , Tetsuo Matsumoto , Hitoshi Takeuchi , Kunio Iwasaki , Yasuhiro Tominaga


Low wind-pressure insulated wires with a furrowed surface have been developed as a means to reduce the design load for electric poles and to suppress the reconstruction costs of electric poles at the time of restringing. It was demonstrated that the low wind-pressure wires not only enabled to reduce the wind load by more than 15 % compared to ordinary wires, but also were provided with excellent resistance against snow accretion. Moreover, in terms of basic performance such as electric characteristics, ease of stringing and adaptability for accessories, these wires were confirmed to be equivalent to ordinary wires.

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