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Furukawa Review No.21

Completion of Submarine Cable Lines Combining Low Environmental Impact with Low Cost

Munehiro Furugen , Yukio Noha , Hideya Maekado , Chihiro Yokoyama , Yukio Koshiishi , Shigeru Ebashi , Kunio Iwasaki , Takashi Kijima , Takumi Yamaguchi , Hiroshi Kaizu


In a program to provide submarine cable lines having low environmental impact, Furukawa Electric has designed and commenced construction of the Hisamatsu-Irabu Line for Okinawa Electric Power (OEPCO) in May, 2000, and of the Niijima-Shikinejima Line for Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) in June of the same year. In the two projects a need for reduced construction cost was combined with a requirement for methods that did not damage coral reefs and submerged rocks used for the farming of "ise-ebi" crayfish. This entailed taking advantage of Furukawa Electric's comprehensive capabilities, from cable manufacture to cable laying. This total design capacity, covering everything from cable prototyping and design through cable laying design has made possible the construction of submarine cables that have minimal environmental impact.

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