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Furukawa Review No.21

Development of Conductors with Reduced Wind Drag and Wind Noise for Overhead Power Transmission Lines

Naoshi Kikuchi , Yutaka Matsuzaki , Hideo Banse , Takao Kaneko , Akihiro Yukino , Hirotaka Ishida


The wind load acting on the conductors of overhead power transmission lines is a major factor impacting the designed strength of the towers, so that a reduction in wind drag can result in a decrease in construction costs and an improvement in the reliability of the line. The authors have accordingly addressed the problem of reducing conductor wind drag, and propose a reduced-drag design featuring grooves in the conductor surface and a reduced-noise and -drag design featuring grooves and protruding wires. This paper presents a clarification of the mechanism of drag reduction by rendering visible the air flows around the conductors, describes wind tunnel measurements of drag coefficient and field observations of a full-scale test line under high-wind conditions, and the carrying out of a series of tests on basic conductor characteristics and accessories for the completion of a reduced-drag conductor.

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