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Furukawa Review No.23

High Repetition-Rate Ultra Short-Pulse Train Generation by Short Comb-like Dispersion Profiled Fiber Using High-Nonlinearity DSF

Masateru Tadakuma, Osamu Aso, Misao Sakano and Shu Namiki


Not only broadband DWDM transmission systems but also high bit rate transmission of over 40 Gbps per channel is investigated for the next generation of fiber optical networks. For ultra high-speed signal processing that is not available with electrical components, it is effective to use all-optical signal processing with optical fiber devices using nonlinear effects through fibers. For the purpose of developing a high speed optical pulse generator as a standard clock for all-optical signal processing, we have studied high repetition rate pulse generation by short length Comb-like Dispersion Profiled Fiber (CDPF) using high nonlinearity dispersion shifted fiber with about six times more nonlinearity than conventional DSF and 1.3 µm zero dispersion single mode fiber. To eliminate pedestal noise in the short pulse, we constructed the CDPF by incorporating a dispersion imbalanced nonlinear optical loop mirror and generated a 100 GHz 380 fs pulse train.

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