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Furukawa Review No.36

High-Power Operation of Normally-Off GaN MOSFETs

Yuki Niiyama, Tatsuyuki Shinagawa, Shinya Ootomo, Hiroshi Kambayashi, Takehiko Nomura, and Sadahiro Kato


A power transistor to be incorporated into the power supply circuitry for automobiles and home appliances has been developed. The semiconductor material used is GaN that is characterized by its higher critical electric field and higher maximum saturation velocity than those of Si. A metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structure of metal/SiO2/ GaN has been used to achieve normally-off operation in which no current flows unless a gate voltage is applied, since this operation is generally required for power transistors to ensure system safety. High-temperature, high-power operation of GaN MOSFETs has been realized here by improving the quality of the SiO2/GaN interface thus reducing the contact resistance between the metal and GaN. The threshold voltage, breakdown voltage, operation current and maximum operation temperature were +3 V, higher than 1550 V, larger than 2.2 A and 250°C, respectively.

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