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Furukawa Review No.36


Nobuhiko Hattori, Kunio Odaka, Naoto Nakamura, Kazutaka Shimoosako, Katsuya Aboshi


In order to play a part in the expansion of data communication networks, we have developed ONU equipment for GE-PON in the form of SFP transceivers that are standardized by the MSA. By simply mounting this ONU on any network equipment provided with an SFP interface port, it becomes possible to configure the integrated equipment under a GE-PON system. Since this equipment ensures high system reliability despite its simple implementation, it is expected that the equipment will be widely used in its best suited applications such as, for example, the line service for enterprises, and furthermore that it plays a role in developing new GE-PON markets. In this paper, its elementary technologies will be described and transmission characteristics etc. will be presented.

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