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Furukawa Review No.36

Optical Coupling between Optical Devices and Opto-Electronic Printed Wiring Boards

Naoyuki Kojima, Shunichiro Sato, Osamu Mikami, Tomonori Ogawa, and Masahiro Kanda


Recently, several interconnection technologies such as optical interconnection, three-dimensional integration of semiconductor chips and wireless interconnection are under study, in order to solve the so-called pin bottleneck problem that causes inadequate inter-chip transmission capacity thus limiting the computer processing speed. We have been paying attention, among these, to the optical interconnection technology based on optical wiring, and are working on the structures of optical interconnector that enable efficient connection between, and mounting of, optical devices and optical waveguides. To be more precise, the structure consists of an optical interconnector made of ultraviolet ray curable resins having different refractive indexes, being mounted on the connecting part between optical devices and waveguides. In this work, the optical interconnector was formed on a VCSEL mounted on an FR-4 substrate, and its optical characteristics were studied. As a result, it has been confirmed that this optical interconnector is provided with an optical confinement capability, and enables high-efficiency, large positional tolerance connection between optical devices and waveguides.

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