Signal light sources

We have a lineup of InP-based semiconductor lasers that we have developed over many years, mainly for use in intensity modulation/direct detection (IMDD) communications, where the transmission distance is short, and for digital coherent communications, where signals are transmitted over long distances using the phase and polarization of light.

Digital coherent communication applications

Wavelength tunable LD with drive circuit based on industry standard OIF.

This LD is even smaller and lower power consumption than MicorITLA.

Intensity-Modulation and Direct-Detection (IMDD)

Chip-type LD products that can be integrated into silicon photonics devices.

A modulator integrated chip-on-carrier (CoC) LD product with a built-in semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA).

Pump light sources

FITEL brand has been top class supplier of 1480nm band pump light sources since 1999, and has a high level of reliability.

Raman amplifier applications

Lasers with FBGs with output power up to 380 mW.

Lower output power lasers with FBGs of 400 mW or more.

Higher output power lasers with FBGs of 600 mW or more.

EDFA applications

Fabry-Perot (FP) lasers with built-in isolators up to 380 mW.

Fabry-Perot (FP) lasers with built-in isolators of 400 mW or higher.

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