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Furukawa Review No.22

Heat Transfer Analysis for Vehicle Electronic Parts

Keiji Mashimo, Yukihiro Saita, Ken Koizumi and Hideki Nakazato


This paper focuses on Junction Blocks (JBs) composed of circuit boards. Fuses and relays are built into a JB with high density. They are connected to electrical circuits which are also built into the JB. Circuits can be constructed of bus bars, wires, or circuit boards. In some cases using a bus bar is superior, while other cases circuit board is superior. The choice depends on the specification of each car. Vehicle electronic systems are getting larger in scale every year. This is increasing the importance of thermal management and thermal countermeasures applying heat transfer. One of the most important requirements for a computer simulation of a JB is the compatibility of easy modeling and accuracy. This paper is intended to provide that compatibility. A new approach to modeling and transformation software for CAD files has been developed successfully. The error level of the simulation is approximately ±5 % in this case.

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