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Furukawa Review Archive

This is a technology and research journal introducing the research results,
technologies, and new products of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

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No.45 (March 2014)
Special Issue : Polymer Material

No.44 (October 2013)
Special Issue : Automobile Electronics

No.43 (March 2013)
Special Issue : Smart Grid

No.42 (September 2012)

No.41 (February 2012)

No.40 (September 2011)

No.39 (March 2011)

No.38 (September 2010)

No.37 (March 2010)

No.36 (September 2009)

No.35 (March 2009)

No.34 (October 2008)

No.33 (March 2008)

No.32 (December 2007)

No.31 (February 2007)

No.30 (August 2006)

No.29 (March 2006)

No.28 (August 2005)
Mini-Special Issue : The R&D of Fiber Optic Technologies

No.27 (March 2005)
Special Issue : Thermal Solution Technologies

No.26 (September 2004)

No.25 (March 2004)

No.24 (October 2003)

No.23 (April 2003)
Special Issue : Optical Components for WDM Systems

No.22 (September 2002)
Special Issue : Enviroment-Harmonized Polymer Materials and Their Applications

No.21 (April 2002)

No.20 (April 2001)

No.19 (April 2000)

No.18 (May 1999)

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