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Furukawa Review (No.41 February 2012)
ISSN 1348-1797

Papers contained in "Furukawa Review", technical research reports of Furukawa Electric, are available in the PDF(Portable Document Format) on this page.
We have discontinued printing and post delivery of Furukawa Review. In spite of the discontinuation of printing, however, we will continue to edit our selected technical papers and publish them through Internet. They will appear on this website twice a year.

Regular Papers

Development of Optical Wiring Technology
for Optical Interconnects
Abstract Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(1,092KB)

New Products

Aluminum Wire Harness Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(680KB)
Connector and Cable for EV Quick Charger Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(345KB)
Development of the MCPET Reflector for Edge-light LCD TV Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(467KB)
The Integrated New Products Family “KANZACC-Series”
of Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
“KANZACC anga” Sulfurization Resistant Silver Plating Film
Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(967KB)
Connector for High Voltage Direct Current Distribution System Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(628KB)
Fire-Protection Kits “PUCHIROKU” Series
for the Transfer Section of Partition
Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(471KB)
Development of a Cu-Al-Mn Shape-Memory Alloy and
its Application to an Ingrown Toenail Correcting Clip
Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(729KB)

Furukawa Review editorial committee

Chief Editor Nozomu Matsuo
Board of Editors Hiroji Akasaka, Kiyoshi Inoue, Haruki Ogoshi, Yasuyuki Ozeki, Toshinori Kimura, Norihide Sakai, Mitsuaki Shima, Takeo Shimizu, Yusei Shirasaka,Yoshiaki Ogiwara, Akio Hasemi, Masao Tokuda, Toshitaka Hara, Masaharu Hirata, Hiromi Hirono, Masakazu Mesaki, Koji Yamamoto
Secretary Yasukazu Shiina

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