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Furukawa Review (No.43 March 2013)
ISSN 1348-1797

Papers contained in "Furukawa Review", technical research reports of Furukawa Electric, are available in the PDF(Portable Document Format) on this page.
We have discontinued printing and post delivery of Furukawa Review. In spite of the discontinuation of printing, however, we will continue to edit our selected technical papers and publish them through Internet. They will appear on this website twice a year.

Special Issue : Smart Grid

Opening Remarks
Regarding “Smart Grid” Special Issue Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(662KB)
Development of UltraBattery Abstract Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(5,398KB)
Development of Superconducting Technologies for the Smart grid Abstract Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(2,312KB)
The Development of 275 kV-3 kA YBCO High-Tc Superconducting Power Cable Abstract Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(3,868KB)
The Development of the Power Transmission System for Fukushima FORWARD Project Abstract Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(1,608KB)
Related product
Storage Battery Systems for Smart Community Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(755KB)
Outdoor-type Communication Facility Cabinet with Attemperation Function Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(1,269KB)
Injection Molding Large Current Circuit Board Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(659KB)
Connector for EV Quick Chargers Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(472KB)

Regular Papers

Development of Nano Second Pulsed Lasers Using Polarization Maintaining Fibers Abstract Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(5,919KB)

New Products

1480-nm Cascaded Raman Laser with 50-W Output Power Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(770KB)
Fiber Lasers with Air Cool 300W, Water Cool 500W Single-mode and 2kW Multi-mode for Material Processing Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(814KB)
“Stand Kicker”, a Heat Pipe Radiator for Power LEDs Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(383KB)
Development of a Resin Extrusion-Molding Type Cable Guide Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(703KB)
High-Strength Copper Alloy Wires and a Rods - EFTEC-98W, 98BD and 98FC Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(695KB)

Furukawa Review editorial committee

Chief Editor Nozomu Matsuo
Board of Editors Hiroji Akasaka, Hideki Ii, Kazuya Imamatsu, Masayuki Iwase, Takahiro Ueno, Haruki Ogoshi, Yasuyuki Ozeki, Yoshiaki Ogiwara, Toshinori Kimura, Norihide Sakai, Takaaki Shiba, Mitsuaki Shima, Takeo Shimizu, Yusei Shirasaka, Toshiki Demoto, Toshitaka Hara, Hiromi Hirono, Takao Fukunaga
Secretary Yasukazu Shiina

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