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Furukawa Review No.43

Development of UltraBattery

Hidehito Nakajima, Tokunori Honma, Kiyoshi Midorikawa, Yuichi Akasaka, Satoshi Shibata, Hideaki Yoshida, Kensuke Hashimoto, Yusuke Ogino, Wataru Tezuka, Masaru Miura, Jun Furukawa, L. T. Lam2, Sumio Sugata


We have developed UltraBattery (hereinafter called UB) for valve regulated micro Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs). The UltraBattery has a lead storage battery and an asymmetric capacitor in the same cell. The cycle life characteristics of the UB are about the double of the existing lead storage batteries. We have also developed a stationary UltraBattery for smart grid uses. It has high energy efficiencies, long cycle life characteristics and superior recovery characteristics when driving in partial charge states. This stationary UltraBattery is at the stage of demonstration test in the “Kitakyushu Smart Community Creation Project”, which is a subsidized project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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