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Furukawa Review No.43

Development of Superconducting Technologies for the Smart grid

Shinichi Mukoyama


Superconducting wires that can send large current with low loss have been developed and commercialized since the discovery of superconductivity a century ago. Practical use of superconductors in applications that include an MRI magnet has also been progressing. Furthermore, since high-temperature superconducting materials, which have a critical temperature in the liquid nitrogen range, were discovered 25 years ago, superconductivity could be adopted in a wider range of applications such as electric power devices and industrial equipment.

On the other hand, during this century, the rapidly growing population in the world is creating a higher consumption of fossil fuels. Pervasive issues such as global warming, exhaustion of fossil fuels and others are emerging. Superconducting technologies are not only considered an energy- saving technology, but also new technology that promotes the availability of a larger amount of renewable energy for the smart grid.

Furukawa Electric (FEC) has started to develop superconducting applications that can be used for the smart grid. We are explaining the superconducting devices used for the smart grid and the present status of FEC development in superconducting applications.

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