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Furukawa Review No.43

The Development of 275 kV-3 kA YBCO High-Tc Superconducting Power Cable

Masashi Yagi, Shinichi Mukoyama, Takaharu Mitsuhashi, Ten Jung, Liu Jin, Mitsuo Suzuki, Hirao Hirata, Tomoya Nomura, Ryo Nakayama, Noboru Maesato, Takeshi Okuma, Osamu Maruyama


In response to the increase in the supply and the demand of the electric power, Furukawa Electric has been developing a 275kV-3kA High temperature Superconducting (HTS) Power cable. This test has been commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) since 2008. The cable is able to transmit a large capacity of electricity of 1.5GW which is the equivalent amount of power capacity of a single thermal power plant with low loss, and is expected to be put to practical use an electric power trunk line in the future.

The fundamental technology for the designing the HTS cable has been accumulated based on the result of such tests as the alternative current (AC) loss test, the withstand voltage test, the partial discharge test, and the over-current test. The 30m HTS cable for a long-term electrical voltage and current load test was designed and manufactured according to the technologies. The insulation thickness was determined on the basis of the designed stress from the tests and the test conditions for the superconducting cables specified in standards such as IEC, JEC. The cable was also designed to withstand the over-current of 63kA-0.6sec and to satisfy the requirement to have the total of the dielectric loss and the AC loss under transmission current be less than 0.8W/m at 275kV-3kA. The 30m HTS cable was made under the above mentioned specifications, and evaluation was made on the attributes of the surplus length. It was confirmed that it satisfied the designed performance.

Furukawa Electric installed the 30m HTS cable, the end termination and the normal joint at Shenyang Furukawa Cable. The long term electrical voltage and current load test at 200kV for one month was completed successfully.

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