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Furukawa Review No.43

Development of Nano Second Pulsed Lasers Using Polarization Maintaining Fibers

Shun-ichi Matsushita, Taizo Miyato, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Eisuke Otani, Tatsuji Uchino, Akira Fujisaki


Pulsed lasers are increasing in their utilization in the laser marking and in the laser micro material processing because it allow us to control input optical pulse energy into the materials. Pulsed fiber lasers have some advantages such as stability, reliability and high brightness over CO2 lasers or YAG lasers, so that the latters are being rapidly replaced with the pulsed fiber lasers. To improve the processing throughput and to expand the applicable processing materials, it is necessary to increase the output power and to have some properties such as the linear polarized output or the tunability of the pulse width and the repetition rate.

We have developed two types of polarization maintaining pulsed fiber lasers which have a configuration of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA). One is using the external modulated seed light source for a high power output. The other is using a direct modulated laser diode for a short pulse generation. The seed pulse light is amplified by a polarization maintaining YDF amplifier. We have realized more than 70W and 13W output power of 100ns and 10ns pulse at 1064nm, 1MHz.

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