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Furukawa Review (No.39 March 2011)
ISSN 1348-1797

Papers contained in "Furukawa Review", technical research reports of Furukawa Electric, are available in the PDF(Portable Document Format) on this page.
We have discontinued printing and post delivery of Furukawa Review. In spite of the discontinuation of printing, however, we will continue to edit our selected technical papers and publish them through Internet. They will appear on this website twice a year.

Regular Papers

Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers with Low Noise Figure Abstract Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(796KB)
Development of PBS-Integrated Coherent Mixer Using Silica-Based Planar Lightwave Circuit Abstract Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(1,646KB)

New Products

The Copper Alloy Strip EFCUBE-820 for Connectors Open PDF file.Full Text PDF(403KB)

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