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Furukawa Review No.28

A Comb-Like Profiled Fiber (CPF) Compressor and an Ultra-short Pulse Light Source

Atsushi Oguri, Koji Igarashi, Hideaki Tobioka, Takeshi Akutsu, Jun-ichi Shinozaki, Masanori Takahashi, Jiro Hiroishi, Takeshi Yagi, Ryo Kawahara, Kazurou Okamura, Nobuyuki Kagi, Shun-ichi Matsushita, Shu Namiki and Misao Sakano


Ultra-short (picosecond and femtosecond range) pulse light sources using optical fibers are attracting attention, not only in the field of telecommunications, but also in such fields as optical metrology, materials processing, bio-photonics, and physics. As the optical fiber compressor for generating ultra-short pulses, we have proposed a comb-like profiled fiber (CPF) which is an alternate concatenation of highly nonlinear fiber (HNLF) and single-mode fiber (SMF). In the present work we examined whether or not uniform output pulse characteristics could be obtained from a CPF compressor even if the wavelength or repetition rate of the input pulse is changed. As a result we were able to confirm that output pulse characteristics were uniform over wavelengths from 1530 to 1560 nm, and over repetition rates from 5 to 500 MHz.

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