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Furukawa Review No.28

Study of Oiliness Agent for Cold Rolling Oil of Copper and Copper Alloy

Sakae Imaizumi, Minoru Igarashi and Junichi Shibata


Oil for the cold rolling of copper and copper alloys is generally a commercial rolling oil consisting of a low-viscosity mineral oil to which fatty alcohol and fatty acid ester is added as an oiliness agent. Because knowledge of the influence of oiliness agent on rolling performance and of how to maintain the rolling oil is considered by each company to be proprietary, there are few reports concerning cold rolling oils for copper and copper alloys. Thus typical copper alloys have been evaluated for an experimental rolling mill using commercial rolling oil. It has been understood that there is a problem in the lubricity of brass (Cu-Zn alloy) when rolled with commercial rolling oil. To study the oiliness agent in the rolling oil, the adsorption activity of a model oiliness agent component gas was evaluated, and acid and ether compounds were found to show the potential for enhancing the adsorption activity of the oiliness agent onto the nascent Cu-Zn alloy surface. In experimental rolling, it was confirmed that the lubrication performance of the oiliness agent added to standard oil could be improved by adding the ether compound without other problems. We also studied the type of ether compound and the proper amount of the ether compound, and examined to elucidate the lubrication mechanism by experimental rolling.

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