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Furukawa Review No.28

Successful Field Tests of the World's Longest 500-m High-Tc Superconducting Power Cable

Masashi Yagi, Shinichi Mukoyama, Noboru Ishii, Osamu Sato, Michiharu Ichikawa, Toshihiro Takahashi, Hiroshi Suzuki, Akio Kimura and Kenji Yasuda


Furukawa Electric has completed, in cooperation with CRIEPI (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry) and Super-GM (Engineering Research Association for Superconductive Generation Equipment and Materials), all predetermined items in the field test of the world's longest 500-m high-Tc superconducting (HTS) cable, thereby succeeding in establishing basic technologies for practical application of the HTS cable in the future. This test project has been carried out as a part of Super ACE (Research and Development of Fundamental Technologies for Superconducting AC Power Equipment) project of METI (the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), being commissioned by NEDO (the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) to Super-GM.
In practical application of the HTS cable, it is required to cool the cable several km in length using liquid nitrogen, making it necessary to study the details of basic operation characteristics and the issue of long distance circulation of liquid nitrogen. We have laid a 500-m HTS cable manufactured by Furukawa Electric in the premises of the Yokosuka Research Laboratory of Electric Power Engineering Research Laboratory, CRIEPI, and have been conducting since April 2004 various tests including those for basic characteristics, rated loading characteristics, load fluctuation characteristics, and limiting and overloading performance. Recently, the tests have been completed successfully, and the results will be briefly reported in this paper.

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