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Double side shiny foil

NC-WS Copper Foil for Lithium-ion Battery


NC-WS has very smooth surface on its both side and combine the best properties of fine microscopic grain structure and good flexibility.


  • NC-WS demonstrates superior material workability by its microscopic grain structure, has effect to excellent durablity for expansion and contraction from charge-discharge cycles of battery.NC-WS rearise long-life high quality battery.
  • NC-WS has very smooth and flat surface on its both side and make it easy to coat cell active material uniformly. This is also good point for manufacturing of high-capacity battery.
  • The thickness is uniform in both transverse and longitudinal direction.

Use application

  • Negative electrode of Lithium-ion Battery


Item Thickness [µm]
6 8 10 20
Unit weight [g/m2] 54 71 89 178
Tensile Strength at room temperature [N/mm2] 320
Elongation at room temperature [%] 7 10 12 20

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