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MPO Connector Patch Cord

MPO Patch Cord / Fan-out Cord

Patch Cord(Ruggedized)

Patch Cord

Patch Cord

Patch Cord(Bare-ribbon)

Fan-out Cord

Fan-out Cord

Features & Benefits

  • Push-on / Pull-off latching connector
  • Easy connection and disconnection
  • No need for matching material : Fiber protrusion
  • Low Insertion loss & Reflection
  • Simple & Low cost
  • IEC61754-7, TIA FOCIS5/605-4


  • Patch cord : Bare fiber ribbon type and Ruggedized type
  • Fan-out cord with single fiber connectors
  • MPO connector kit
  • Adapter
  • Assembly tool for MPO kit


Ordering Information

  • MPO patch cord, pigtail : MPO[1][2][3]-[4]-[5/6]-[7]M
  • MPO Fan-out Cord : MPO[1][2][3]/[8][9]-[5/6]-[7]M
[1] Fiber Number 4 4-fiber
8 8-fiber
12 12-fiber
[2] Guide-pin T with Guide pins
U without Guide pin
[3] Polishing Type for MPO
PC PC polishing
APC Angled PC polishing
[4] Connector Number 1 Connectorized on one end
2 Connectorized on both ends
[5] Connector Type S Single-mode fiber
LL Low Loss type
G Multi-mode fiber (50/125)
G62 Multi-mode fiber (62.5/125)
[6] Cable Type T Bare-ribbon (non-Ruggedized)
TCF Jacketed ribbon (Ruggedized)
[7] Cable Length (meter)
[8] Connector Type for Single
Connector *1
FC FC connector
SC SC connector
ST ST connector
LC LC connector
MU MU connector
[9] Polishing Type for Single
PC PC polishing
APC *2 Angled PC polishing

*1 Other connectors are available upon customers' requests

*2 APC is for Single-mode FC and SC connectors

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