MT ferrules are key components of MPO connectors which are multi-fiber connectors with high-precision and high- density connection. Furukawa, one of the original members of the MPO connector development, offers diverse lineup of MT ferrules with wealth of technology and experience.


Product Line

Fiber Count Fiber Type Grade Drawing
Ferrule Boot
12 SM Standard OPC-19017C OPC-19018
Low Loss OPC-20019B
MM Standard OPC-11049C
Low Loss OPC-15012C
24 SM Low Loss OPC-15006D OPC-16006C
MM Standard OPC-08007G
Low Loss OPC-17044C
16 SM Standard OPC-21006D OPC-16025
Low Loss OPC-21007C
MM Standard OPC-16028B
Low Loss OPC-16023B


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