Aqua connector is the parts of EFLEX Coil, and used to connect the pipe to handhole easily.


Watertight connection with a moisture-activated expanding fabic lining


Part No.

Reference Value t

FOKC-30 Approx. 6mm
FOKC-40~80 Approx. 7mm
FOKC-100 Approx. 8mm
FOKC-125~150 Approx. 7mm

Advantages of Aqua Connector

Excellent workability

No tools required. The AQUA Connector can be installed and removed by hand.

Immediate backfilling possible

Backfilling can be completed imidiately following installation as no EPOXY putty is required.

Water resistance

It is highly water-resistant due to it's moisture-activated expanding fabic lining.(water pressure 0.05MPa)

No wall thickness limitation

Fits most chamber wall thicknesses.

Flame retardancy

Flame-resistant EFLEX is also available.

Can be connected to EFLEX Square

Also suitable for EFLEX Square when used in conjuction the converter to EFLEX Coil.

Please see “EFLEX Square Installation manual” for more information.

Degree of protection

It is applied to IP67(IEC-60529)

How to use

Screw the AQUA Connector nut into EFLEX by hand.

Insert EFLEX into the hole in the chamber.

Screw the AQUA Connector mouth into EFLEX from the inside of the chamber.

Tighten the AQUA Connector nut until secure against the chamber wall (Tightening reference value: t) .


If the wall is thicker than C (AQUA Connector mouth length), it can be installed on a slope of less than 5%.

Part No. A B C D E
Length Length Applicable
core diameter
FOKC-30 74 25 30 25 42 ~50 45
FOKC-40 89 36 40 33 58 ~65 60
FOKC-50 98 44 50 40 68 ~75 70
FOKC-65 123 59 63 52 89 ~96 90
FOKC-80 138 73 74 60 106 ~112 110
FOKC-100 182 92.5 88 73 135 ~141 135
FOKC-125 213 108.5 105 90 165 ~170 170
FOKC-150 241 136 124 104 197 ~200 200


Screw the Aqua Nut by hand. Do not use tools. Using the tool may damage the product.

Do not use the product in locations where ground subsidence is anticipated.

Make the excavation compact to a flat level surface.

Near the wall of the chamber, compact sufficiently according to the height at which the pipe is laid.

Do not bend the EFLEX near a chamber or other wall surface.

After connecting the aqua connector, do not step on the aqua nut or the EFLEX near the connection.

Do not drill holes on chambers with stepped surfaces, such as the knockout area and other boundaries.

Do not reuse after burying or use products containing moisture in the water-expandable non-woven part.

Do not use at where it is possible to enter large amount of water into chamber or EFLEX.

Follow the applicable core diameter range on chambers.

Correct EFLEX straight before connecting to the handhole.

Tighten the aqua nut according to the tightening value.

Before backfilling, check that there is no gap between the chamber surface and the aqua connector.

When backfilling the aqua nut, apply sand from the surrounding area and thoroughly compact while checking that there is no loosening.

If installing multiple layers of EFLEX, it is recommended to backfill and compact each layer of EFLEX.

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