Available in 5 sizes, with a range of innovative accessories, EFLEX Square is an incredibly versatile system which enables simple and fast installation of buried cable routes.


The stackable units are supplied in 5.3m lengths with built-in male and female push-fit watertight connectors.

EFLEX Square

Aqua Square (Joint)

Used to connect cut ends of EFLEX Square, when adjusting length.

  • Non-woven expanding material for a moistureactivated watertight seal
  • Single action locking clips for a quick and secure connection
  • No tools required

Cable Installation Test



A: Outer Diameter (mm)

B: Inner Diameter (mm) Total Length (mm) Effective Length (mm)
50 73 50 5,300 5,250
75 99.5 75
100 125 100
130 162 130
150 184 150

Advantages of EFLEX Square

Compact Stacking

  • A stable stack can be created.
  • Entire stack is backfilled at once.
  • Space saving.
  • Amount of digging can be reduced due to stacking compactly.
    It doesn’t need bend units due to its flexible.

Easy to use

  • Flexible
  • 5.3m length allow for reduced processing.
  • Single-action connection.
  • Internal smoothness (easy cable installation)

Strong and Resistant

Applicable parts

  • Huge range of innovative accessories to enable fast installation and interface with other duct types.
  • Can be connected to EFLEX Coil and EFLEX Straight.
  • Basically, part of connection is all watertight.
  • ”Aqua Series” have watertight connection with a moisture-activated expanding fabic lining. Without some tapes and putty, it’s very easy to install.


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