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Furukawa's foaming technologies


As an electrical cable manufacturer, Furukawa Electric originally handled polyethylene as a sheathing material. At the time, foaming technologies for foamed polystyrene were developed, and the material was regarded as a dream material.

Combining the foaming technologies and cross-linking technologies, we developed the world’s first foamed polyethylene, which is a plastic that offers high mechanical rigidity and durability.

From that point, we continued launching unique foamed plastic products, including highly recyclable non-cross-linked PP foam and microscopic bubble foam, which was commercialized for the first time in the world.

Furukawa's foaming technologies??????

1966 Foamed polyethylene FOAM ACE
1971 Foamed and extruded thermal insulating covered copper tubes THERMOIN
1984 Cross-linked foamed polyethylene (flame-retardant) FUNEN ACE
1984 Non-cross-linked extruded foamed PP EFCELL
1997 Non-cross-linked extruded biodegradable foam BIO ACE
1997 Microscopic PET foam MCPET

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