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First in the world, Furukawa Electric has succeeded in volume production of microcellular foamed technology products.

Microcellular foamed sheets possess excellent light reflecting performance, and have been used widely as reflectors for lighting fixtures, back lights of large liquid crystal TV sets, signboards, and other equipment.

The excellent light reflecting performance has led to a reduction in the number of fluorescent lamps, LED, and other light sources required, making a significant contribution to power conservation.


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“MCPET” is the world's first commercialized microcellular formed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheet.

Based on many years experience, we can offer a lineup of thin, highly reflective products.

  • Received the 2006 Aoki Katashi Technical Award from Japan Society of Polymer Processing


photo of MCPOLYCA

“MCPOLYCA” is a microcellular foamed sheet made from polycarbonate resin.

Similarly with MCPET, MCPOLYCA possesses not only excellent optical properties but also improved thermal resistance derived from the use of polycarbonate resin.

Since polycarbonate is non-crystalline resin, the material allows for a higher degree of freedom in design and better stability of form under high temperatures compared to MCPET.

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