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Creates bright and vivid visual effects
Light-reflecting performance

Excellent light reflecting performance

A microcellular foamed sheet is a foamed body that contains air bubbles of sizes of several Ám.

The light reflects randomly on the bordering surface between the air and PET, resulting in excellent light reflecting performance.

Reflection mechanism (figure of structure)

Reflection mechanism (figure of structure)

By microcellullar air bubbles, the incident light repeats a reflection in each interface.

Diffuse reflectance of MCPET

Diffuse reflectance of MCPET

Use with electrical signboard

The excellent light-reflecting property allows the light from light sources to be reflected efficiently and evenly.

As a result, uneven lighting may be suppressed and the number of fluorescent and LED lamps may be reduced, making a significant contribution to energy conservation.

Example of brightness distribution data

  • Brightness went up by 1.6 times
  • Same brightness may be obtained by two-thirds the number of lamps

 Example of brightness distribution data

Recommended light sources: LED and fluorescent lamps

(Note)Not suited for halogen lamps, mercury lamps or other high-temperature light sources.

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How to use MCPET

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