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Furukawa Review No.23

Super Low-Loss, Super High-Density Multi-Fiber Optical Connectors

Katsuki Suematsu, Masao Shinoda, Takashi Shigenaga, Jun Yamakawa, Masayoshi Tsukamoto, Yoshimi Ono and Takayuki Ando


Optical connectors will be a key element in configuring large-scale optical networks of the future, and the authors have developed super low-loss, super high-density connectors. We have also developed assembly technology based on innovative high-precision molding technology, which eliminates fiber position error as a major factor in connector insertion loss. This has resulted in a striking reduction in insertion loss and remarkably high-density packaging compared with existing connectors. In terms of the reduction in loss, we obtained 0.15 dB (SMF) for an 8-fiber connector, and 0.30 dB (SMF) for a 24-fiber connector. And we were able to integrate 60 fibers within the same dimensions as existing connectors.

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