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Furukawa Review No.32

Electronics-Related Metal Products of Furukawa Electric Group

Furukawa Electric, Furukawa Circuit Foil, Furukawa Techno Material
Yoshimasa Ohoyama , Shinji Tagami , Masaaki Kurihara , Isao Takahashi , Tadao Nakaoka and Tetsushi Habu


As the IT industry reaches new heights of prosperity in recent years, the electronics markets in such areas as digital home appliances and mobile equipment continue to grow, together with the automotive onboard equipment market spurred by automotive electronics. Accordingly, the Metals Company of Furukawa Electric in conjunction with other group companies, with their business mainstays founded on copper and copper alloy strips, functional surface-treated products, wires and bars, copper foil products and special metal products, are focusing on the technology and product development of raw materials and components targeted at the electronics markets. We intend to expand our production capacity and sales amount by establishing a suitable system for these strategic products.

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