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Furukawa Review No.32

Development of Ultra-Thin Wall Welded Metal Pipe and Its Applications

Kyowa Electric Wire
Hisakazu Ishibashi , Satoshi Inada and Shinjiro Konishi


Recently, there has been a year-by-year growing need for weight reduction in metal pipes aimed at cost reduction and energy saving, centering on the automotive industry. It has been difficult for the conventional welded pipe manufacturing technology to manufacture ultra-thin wall metal pipes having a thickness to diameter (t/D) ratio of not more than 1 %, so that such pipes have normally been manufactured using handicraft means. On the other hand, utilizing a special forming technology of our development and our proprietary manufacturing technology, we have established a continuous, high-speed manufacturing technology for ultra-thin wall metal pipes having a t/D ratio of not more than 1 %. The development of ultrathin wall metal pipes will be described in this paper, including those for the automotive industry.

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