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Furukawa Review No.44

Thermal Management System with Heatpipe for in Vehicle Electric Devices

Takeshi Hirasawa, Masami Ikeda, Chiyoshi Sasaki


A variety of electrical devices such as a lithium ion battery (hereinafter LIB) and etc. are implemented in the next generation vehicles such as the plug-in hybrid vehicle (hereinafter PHV), electric vehicle (hereinafter EV) and etc. for which we are expecting an important growth in the future.

This paper describes the results of examining the benefits obtained by applying the heatpipe system which has an excellent heat uniformity to the temperature management system for invehicle electronic devices to be mounted on these vehicles. It was found that with respect to the thermal management system for LIB, the heatpipe system has an excellent performance for the cooling and for the temperature uniformity. Although the volume is reduced by 88% in comparison to the air cooling system, if the 20 cells with ambient temperature of 35˚C and a heat amount of 3 W is cooled by the cooling source of 35˚C, the heatpipe system is able to suppress the highest cell temperature to 38.1˚C and the temperature difference between cells to 1.3˚C. Thus the excellent cooling performance and the temperature uniformity of the heatpipe system were confirmed. This paper also discusses the applicability of the heatpipe system to the cooling for other electric devices such as automotive inverters…etc.

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