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Furukawa Review No.44

The Application of the Thermal Simulation Technology to the Products in the Energy and in the Automotive Fields

Mamoru Shimada, Masami Ikeda


Furukawa Electric is providing the heat sink products which are applicable from the cooling of the several watts (W) elements in the electronics field to the several kW of heat treatment in the energy field. At first, the thermal simulation technology started as the technology for the product design in the electronics field. Then, it came to play an important role in the time reduction of the product design and the optimization of the designing. At present, it is used in the designing of almost all the fields from the energy to the automotive fields. In these fields, the thermal simulations were difficult because the heat values of the elements (which were the cooling goals) were larger than those in the electronics field, and because the sizes of the heat sinks (which were the analysis goals) were large. In this paper, we will explain the improvements in the analysis methods and in the analysis accuracy when applying the simulation technology to the designing focusing on the heat sinks in the energy field, and we will introduce the development of the simulation technology to the automotive field.

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