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Furukawa Review No.44

Wireless Power Transfer via Electric Coupling

Mitsuru Masuda, Masahiro Kusunoki, Daiki Obara, Yujiro Nakayama, Hiroki Hamada, Shoichi Negami, Kei Kaizuka


This paper describes our research on wireless power transfer via electric coupling with planar electrodes and coils. Major researches of wireless power transfer using electric field are restricted to an area of almost no gap power transfer by the breakdown voltage of air. However, we have achieved long distance and high efficiency power transfer; the power transfer distance is 200 mm and the efficiency is over 90%. Moreover, we succeeded 300 W power transfer experiment. We discovered that the wireless power transfer using electric field has an advantage of that misalignment characteristic of one direction is better than using magnetic field and that it can make power transfer distance longer with repeaters.

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