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Furukawa Review No.44

Eco-Friendly Fire-Fighting Agent for Wild land Fire

Shinji Iwamoto, Yoshihiko Ohba, Eiji Miki, Hidenobu Mochigase, Yutaka Suzuki, Hidenori Okuzaki


The company has been developing and commercializing Class A foam firefighting agent used mainly for the buildings and also for the wood products, the textiles, the plastics and the tires. However, the international focus now is on the issue of the wild land fires. Consequently, the company has decided to develop the fire-fighting agent for the wild land fires. While various fire-fighting agents are used today, one challenge remains. Upon the aerial application of the fire-fighting water from airplanes to the fire site, it tends to diffuse and dissipate due to the airstream of the plane as well as the pneumatic resistance. This led to insufficient prevention of fire spread, since the fire-fighting agent would not adequately reach the site. In our development process, we were able to overcome this problem. At the same time, we succeeded in discovering the composition for the gel form fire-fighting agent which would not be retained by the surrounding environment when it is applied to the site.

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