Basic Approach

Furukawa Electric Group regards compliance as "not only observing laws and regulations, but also as acting in accordance with the values and ethics required of the company and its employees as responsible members of society". Each and every employee is encouraged to perform day-to-day compliance activities in line with our three musts for compliance activities: to "be aware", "speak" and "rectify".

1. Be aware

  • Is this in line with the philosophy and CSR Code of Conduct?
  • Is this an improper practice?
  • Does this run counter to society's requirements and expectations?


  • Do not neglect it.
  • Talk about it openly.
  • If still not sure, take it to your boss.

3. Rectify

  • As soon as you become aware of it, fix it.
  • Always improve.
Be aware, Speak, Rectify

Three Musts for Compliance Activities

Training and Raising Awareness among Employees

We conduct a host of training and awareness activities in the aim of instilling compliance awareness among all employees. Our primary shared educational materials are the Furukawa Electric Group CSR Code of Conduct and its corresponding Furukawa Electric Group CSR Compliance Handbook. We distribute this handbook to Furukawa Electric Group employees and take many opportunities to make use of it. We conduct compliance education for employees at every level of the Company, from new recruits to directors. At the same time, we hold theme-based group training and e-learning courses, and conduct groupwide compliance education.

Initiatives in Compliance Months

Furukawa Electric Group has designated October and November as Compliance Months, during which we implement measures aimed at tackling the variety of compliance issues faced by companies across our Group.

Employee Compliance Awareness Surveys

We have continued to implement compliance awareness surveys at Furukawa Electric and affiliates in Japan. Designed to gauge employee awareness and understanding of compliance, these surveys aim to encourage recognition of compliance. Feedback is given on the results of the survey to our Group companies and Furukawa Electric divisions, and the results are used to make proposals for compliance measures at each organization. In fiscal 2014, we made improvements such as adding questions related to personnel measures and conducted the survey as an "employee survey".In fiscal 2016, we will conduct compliance awareness survey.

Internal Reporting System

Furukawa Electric Group has introduced an internal reporting system and works toward the early detection and correction of incidents of corruption. The Company has in place an internal reporting desk as well as an external reporting desk that makes use of outside thirdparty institutions (the Furukawa Electric Group Hotline), both of which allow employees to make reports anonymously. An internal reporting secretariat manages the content of such reports stringently, taking ample care to prevent people making such reports from suffering any negative impacts, looking into issues swiftly and taking appropriate action.

Security Trade Control

Furukawa Electric Group considers security trade control to be one of its most important responsibilities as a company with global business operations. In accordance with the laws and regulations that make up the international framework on security trade control (the export control regime), we have improved and strengthened our management systems for cargoes and technologies that can be converted to weapons or military uses. In exporting products and providing technology, we conduct transaction screenings based on our Security Trade Control Regulations to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and are careful to prevent circumvent to countries of concern.


Furukawa Electric Group formulated the Furukawa Electric Group Anti-Bribery Statement in April 2012. In December, we published the Furukawa Electric Group Anti-Bribery Guide, and we are promoting activities toward creating a groupwide bribery risk management system.