Along with the increase in data transmission speed due to the spread of the mobile terminals, reduction in the transmission loss is required also to the copper foil which is a conductor of the circuit substance.
Especially the current in the high-frequency range tends to concentrate in the surface area of the conductor, then the micro-convexities on a surface give a big influence to the transmission loss.
Using our own unique surface treatment technology, the copper foil with reduced transmission loss in the high-frequency range was developed by suppressing the micro-convexities on the surface to the utmost limit, and it supports the performance improvement and the stabilization of the high-speed data communication.

Line up of Products

Product name Surface roughness Rz
Manufacturing location
3 FCFT(Taiwan)
1.7 FCFT(Taiwan)
1.4 FCFT (Taiwan)
1.2 Furukawa Electric (Japan)
1.1 Furukawa Electric (Japan)

Comparison of the roughened heights

  • FZ-WS
  • FV-WS

Characteristics of high-frequency-compatible copper foil